Product Review (From Roop Mantra)


Price: 83

Lime and Mint Ayurvedic Medicinal Face wash

If you know me then you know that I always prefer natural and ayurvedic products much more than the ones containing sulphate and other chemicals in it. So I used this product for about 6 days (Still using) and my feedback is that it smells very good. Like really good. And since it is winter time I could feel my skin to be more dry than usual and this face wash helps moisturize the face. Yeah guys, it really works. Give it a try!


Price: 87

Aloe Vera Body Lotion

Everybody knows that Aloe Vera smoothens skin making our skin bright and shiny. Used this lotion at night time and It kind smells like baby lotion (Not that I’m complaining). Couldn’t stop touching my hands in the morning because it unbelievably makes the skin soft and I love it. Although the pack said to use the lotion twice a day to see the results, I saw results just by applying on the night. I definitely recommend you to try this


Sun Screen Lotion

Price: 136

Even though sun is good for our skin too much sun is definitely not good. Especially if you’re an outdoor person. This lotion helps prevent sun burns and keeps your skin fresh and nourished when you’re out. Although I’m not a big outdoor person I used this whenever I went out and there were no side effects and the skin didn’t get dark after being out for so long when wearing this. So yeah that’s a good thing right?. You could definitely try if you don’t want to look like a mess when you are out.

Hope you like my review!