Everyone around is preparing for their very own journey for the coming year. Creating resolution, Listing the books they want to read, Storing up their energy to wake up early to get started in their new beginning. And you know what? I appreciate it. I really love the way how everyone is excited except me feeling like someone who doesn’t know what the hell is going on.

Walking alone, Singing alone all the lyrics and rewriting all the lyrics in my own way has become kind of a habit. But let me tell you something. I’m gonna try.

I’m gonna try to be a good organized person in the coming year. Both mentally and physically. Not for the sake of others but for the sake of my very own life. If I look good then maybe i will feel good too, Right?

Written for all the people who feel like they don’t belong somewhere or wanted to express their thoughts.

Product Review (From Roop Mantra)


Price: 83

Lime and Mint Ayurvedic Medicinal Face wash

If you know me then you know that I always prefer natural and ayurvedic products much more than the ones containing sulphate and other chemicals in it. So I used this product for about 6 days (Still using) and my feedback is that it smells very good. Like really good. And since it is winter time I could feel my skin to be more dry than usual and this face wash helps moisturize the face. Yeah guys, it really works. Give it a try!


Price: 87

Aloe Vera Body Lotion

Everybody knows that Aloe Vera smoothens skin making our skin bright and shiny. Used this lotion at night time and It kind smells like baby lotion (Not that I’m complaining). Couldn’t stop touching my hands in the morning because it unbelievably makes the skin soft and I love it. Although the pack said to use the lotion twice a day to see the results, I saw results just by applying on the night. I definitely recommend you to try this


Sun Screen Lotion

Price: 136

Even though sun is good for our skin too much sun is definitely not good. Especially if you’re an outdoor person. This lotion helps prevent sun burns and keeps your skin fresh and nourished when you’re out. Although I’m not a big outdoor person I used this whenever I went out and there were no side effects and the skin didn’t get dark after being out for so long when wearing this. So yeah that’s a good thing right?. You could definitely try if you don’t want to look like a mess when you are out.

Hope you like my review!


Book name : Forbidden Love

Author: Abbyshek Chandra

Rating: 4.6/5

‘Forbidden Love’ by Abbyshek Chandra is actually about a girl who just wanted someone to love her deeply. The story may seem like an inappropriate relationship between a girl and her uncle at first but it actually has a deep meaning of how we become when we are aching for love.
Sana, An eighteen year old girl who falls in with her uncle, Karan, ends up committing suicide because she thought he loved her and he betrayed her. The story is based on a real life event and the author narrates it from the girl’s point of view perfectly.
Some events happened to Sana was disturbing and makes us want to just tell the girl that she is going to be okay. For me it was really heart touching and I couldn’t stop thinking about it even hours later I finished the book. I recommend you give it a read because even if you’re a slow reader it will only take about 30 minutes to read the entire book.

Check it out on Amazon!

Mermaid Beauty (Product Review)

Hi there! I just recently received all the products listed below from a brand called ‘Mermaid Beauty’

So I reviewed all the products below and do read till the end because I have attached the link to their website and a code for you to get 10% discount on every order!

Deep Cleansing Face Wash

Price: ₹299

Deep Cleansing Face Wash from Mermaid Beauty is simply one of the finest face washes I’ve ever used. The combination of Castor oil and Aloe Vera gel makes you want to touch your skin every minute. From the very first time I used it I could clearly feel my face to be more soft and shinier than it used to be. There is no irritation or side effects after the use. The only result the face wash can give you is make your face smoother with a nice fragrance

Moisturizing Body Lotion

Price: ₹358

The body lotion sure does moisture your body. I know it’s supposed to do that but not all lotions work with every skin types. But Mermaid Beauty’s Moisturizing Body lotion goes on with all skin types and makes the skin soft in no time. It contains Argon oil to help rough skin get moisturized with regular use. Now I have used this lotion for exactly a week and I can really recommend it to everyone who’s looking for a new body lotion company

Intensive Repair Shampoo

Price: ₹358

This Intensive repair shampoo is made with Seaweed Extract which is proven to stimulate your hair growth. Seaweed alone contains all the minerals and vitamins needed for hair growth. Not only does the shampoo helps in hair growth but it also repairs and makes your hair stronger so that the hair fall doesn’t start all over again. It also comes with a good fragrance. So in my experience one can definitely try to know if it suits for you

Brightening Day Cream

Price: ₹900

I know that day cream is not something everyone uses and most people prefer to buy their own trusted product so that it won’t affect their skin. Trust me I had my doubts too because I’m so not the person who wears makeup all the time. But when I tried this (Because I have really have to) I liked the tone it gave me. There weren’t any side effects and I didn’t get any pimples or rashes or anything like that after the usage. So if you like trying out new products to switch your brand it will be worth it

Face Wash (Sebo regulating System)

Price: ₹299

So this is the final product I have received from Mermaid Beauty. This one is also a face wash. But unlike deep cleansing face wash this one can be used anytime just like any other face washes you came across. I used this before leaving the house and the face seemed nice throughout the day for at least 4-5 hours approximately. This one also contains a different type of sea weed and Aloe Vera gel to make the skin smooth along with a glossy look

Click here Mermaid Beauty Store to go to their store

And use code ‘Ashbiha’ and get 10% offer

Thank you for reading!


Book Review by : Ashbiha Fathima

Book Name: 11 Hours

Rating: 4.4/5

Author: Daniel Paul Singh

Do you want to go on a thrilling journey outside your never ending tale of usual life? Then this is the right book for you. Daniel Paul Singh wrote a life suspense novel with the protagonist, Robin, Who takes up on a clock ticking adventure to find his wife from a kidnapper.

Robin, who is living a peaceful and a wonderful life with his wife Diana experiences something which he has never dreamt of with his best friend Prabhu by his side. A person who calls himself “Loser” abducts Diana and gives 11 hours to Robin to do the task he was given in order to save the life of his wife.

Hence the name “11 Hours” The story telling style of the author is very interesting as the story has a time jump between the past and the present. I really liked the way he managed to pull the flashbacks in a certain point of present which matches the events that happened in his life in the past.
The novel sure does sucks you into your imaginary place where you yourself become obsessed and worried with Robin. Although the novel starts of in a very friendly and in a most casual way, The author brings a chill every time we run into a false clue. This book is surely a different kind thriller story I’ve ever read and I’ll definitely recommend it to everyone who’s always trying out new books.

The language in the book is also easy and can be reached by anyone. And since this is a Romantic Thriller, The author brings a few good love moments in between to make us calm before the storm. I personally think that the ending could have been a bit more explained and narrated in the middle of the story but the author has his own style of narration and does makes us feel like we just spent our time in a freaky adventure.

This novel is one of my personal favorites. So buy “11 Hours” from Amazon or Flipkart.